[Wound rupture after Misgav-Ladach cesarean section: a case report].

  title={[Wound rupture after Misgav-Ladach cesarean section: a case report].},
  author={Heinz S. Scholz and Edgar Petru and Karl Tamussino and Raimund Winter},
  journal={Gynakologisch-geburtshilfliche Rundschau},
  volume={44 4},
INTRODUCTION We describe a patient with wound rupture and burst abdomen after cesarean section with the Misgav-Ladach technique. CASE REPORT A 33-year-old woman underwent primary cesarean section at 36 + 5 weeks gestation for a fetal indication. The procedure was done according to the Misgav-Ladach technique, i.e. the uterus was closed with a one-layer continuous locking stitch and the visceral and parietal peritoneal layers were left open. The rectus sheath was stitched with a continuous… CONTINUE READING