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[Wilson disease: a new case treated with trientine].

  title={[Wilson disease: a new case treated with trientine].},
  author={J L Moreno P{\'e}rez-Crespo and M L Garc{\'i}a de la Rocha and A Mart{\'i}n Araguz and Nuria Olmedilla and Carlos Alberto Rodr{\'i}guez Arias and J Porta and J M Moreno Mart{\'i}nez},
  journal={Revista de neurologia},
  volume={23 119},
Hepatolenticular degeneration, also known as Wilson's disease (WD), is an infrequent hereditary disorder which is transmitted in recessive autosomic fashion: its genetic defect is to be found in the long branch of chromosome 13 (13q14.3) and allows disorder to take place which has not been sufficiently clarified, in the bilious excretion of the copper (Cu) which is deposited in an anomalous manner on a level with different organic tissues, giving rise to characteristic clinical manifestations… 
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