[Wilhelm His, Sr., and the development of paraffin embedding. German version].

  title={[Wilhelm His, Sr., and the development of paraffin embedding. German version].},
  author={Tim van der Lem and Merijn A. G. de Bakker and Gerhard Keuck and Michael K. Richardson},
  journal={Der Pathologe},
Paraffin histology is one of the most important and commonly used laboratory techniques in diagnostic histopathology. The discovery of paraffin embedding is often attributed to the pathologist Edwin Klebs. Klebs was following the lead of Stricker, who embedded embryos in a mixture of hot stearin and white beeswax. We show that Klebs experimented with paraffin wax for embedding tumour tissue. But he quickly rejected it as unsuitable because paraffin wax did not infiltrate the tissue. One of… 
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The revolutionary developmental biology of Wilhelm His, Sr.
The embryologist Wilhelm His, Sr. was the first scientist to study embryos using paraffin histology, serial sectioning and three-dimensional modelling and his work has potential importance to the disciplines of evolutionary developmental biology and mechanobiology.