[Vulvar lymphangiectasias in Crohn's disease].

  title={[Vulvar lymphangiectasias in Crohn's disease].},
  author={R F Dap and Willem Idani{\"e}l van der Meijden},
  journal={Nederlands tijdschrift voor geneeskunde},
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A 37-year-old woman appeared at our outpatient clinic with complaints of 'warts' on the mons pubis and the labia majora, in combination with moistness of the skin. This condition was previously diagnosed as 'genital warts', for which she received extensive cryotherapy at another clinic. She was diagnosed with M. Crohn when she was 17 years old. For this condition she underwent an ileocoecal resection when she was 21. Physical examination of the mons pubis and the labia majora showed papuli with… CONTINUE READING