[Visual rehabilitation with contact lenses after ocular trauma].

  title={[Visual rehabilitation with contact lenses after ocular trauma].},
  author={A. L. Netto and A. Lui and Giovana Arlene Fioravanti Lui},
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Ocular trauma is an important cause of visual acuity loss worldwide. Visual recovery is related to anatomical integrity. The main causes of trauma are domestic and automobilist accidents, sports practice and chemical or thermic burns. Contact lens is indicated for visual rehabilitation in cases of corneal regular and irregular astigmatisms, anisometropic and aphakic patients and in cases of deep or superficial corneal opacities that do not affect the visual axis. Contact lens can be used in the… Expand
Rigid Gas-Permeable Contact Lenses for Visual Rehabilitation of Traumatized Eyes in Children
RGP contact lenses offer a useful refractive treatment alternative in traumatized eyes of children with ocular trauma and were found to be well tolerated in this population. Expand
Final visual outcome following re exploration of cataracts performed by trainee surgeons in India.
Capsular complications during cataract surgery should be surgically treated to improve outcome and care provided by teaching hospitals to patients with capsular complications should be evaluated. Expand
Visual Outcome of Cataract Surgery Complications Repair at a Cataract Training Centre of Western Central India
Cataract surgeries done by trainee surgeons caused complications at various stages, however, interventions by vitreo-retinal surgeons led to a significant difference in the final visual outcome. Expand
Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty for Bullous Keratopathy and Posterior Corneal Opacities
Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty was performed and completely resolved corneal edema and opacities on the visual axis and a rigid contact lens fitting was necessary to treat irregular astigmatism postoperatively. Expand


Contact Lens Fitting After Ocular Trauma
After surgical repair of corneal lacerations, the contact lens should be fitted as soon as possible, even before the sutures have been removed, principally in children, in whom amblyopia can become a major problem. Expand
The use of rigid gas permeable contact lenses in scarred corneas.
  • A. Kanpolat, O. Ciftçi
  • Medicine
  • The CLAO journal : official publication of the Contact Lens Association of Ophthalmologists, Inc
  • 1995
RGP contact lenses are successful in the majority of patients with post-traumatic scarred corneas, especially in the adult age group, and may obviate corneal surgery in these patients. Expand
Adaptação de lentes de contato pós-trauma ocular
The contact lenses are important in the late ocular trauma rehabilitation, providing significant improvement of visual acuity in most of the cases. Expand
Visual performance of rigid gas permeable contact lenses in patients with corneal opacity.
RGP contact lenses improved the visual acuity and other visual performance in patients with reduced vision due to nebular or nebulo-macular corneal opacity, however, contrast sensitivity, glare acuity, and mesopic vision did not improve to the same extent asvisual acuity. Expand
Topography after repair of full‐thickness corneal laceration
  • S. Navon
  • Medicine
  • Journal of cataract and refractive surgery
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Although high astigmatism is frequently produced by corneal sutures used to repair full‐thickness lacerations, the cornea has a substantial topographic memory that results in a marked normalization of contour after suture removal. Expand
Topografia da córnea após perfuração ocular
The topographic astigmatism resulting from corneal laceration was larger than that in the control group, although there was no qualitative change concerning topographic pattern in these eyes, having excluded the cases with irregular topography. Expand
Ocular trauma.
The anatomy and examination of the eye is reviewed, the findings of the most common ocular injuries associated with warfare are described, and the initial treatment of minor and major injuries caused by ocular trauma is described. Expand
Trauma ocupacional por corpo estranho corneano superficial
A maioria dos pacientes tem conhecimento sobre a gravidade do trauma ocular e este tipo of lesao ocorre mesmo em locais com equipamentos de protecao disponiveis, alguns ofles ate durante o seu uso. Expand
Estudo epidemiológico dos traumas oculares graves em um Hospital Universitário de São José do Rio Preto - SP
As perfuracoes oculares unilaterais por materiais de construcao predominaram em criancas, adolescentes e idosos do sexo masculino em atividades de lazer. Expand