[Viomycin, a new tuberculostatic antibiotic].

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Genome-Based Taxonomic Classification of the Phylum Actinobacteria
Good congruence was found between the discontinuous distribution of phenotypic properties and taxa delineated in the phylogenetic trees though diverse non-monophyletic taxa appeared to be based on the use of plesiomorphic character states as diagnostic features, underline the pitfalls inherent in phylogenies based upon single gene sequences.
A tale of two antibiotics : Fusidic acid and Viomycin
Two ribosome targeting drugs are studied: Fusidic acid and Viomycin, both of which target the bacterial ribosomes and have shown promise in terms of protecting against infection and promoting wound healing.
Drug Resistant and Persistent Tuberculosis: Mechanisms and Drug Development
The current TB control regimen is seriously undermined by MDR/XDR-TB and HIV infection, which is a lethal combination and presents significant challenges for effective TB control.
The Medicinal Chemistry of Tuberculosis Chemotherapy
This chapter explores the medicinal chemistry efforts that gave rise to current frontline and second-line drugs in global use today and attempts to comprehensively summarize ongoing discovery and lead optimization programs being conducted in both the private and the public sector.
Novel small molecules targeting Ag85C, mycolyl transferase of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
This document summarizes current capabilities, research and operational priorities, and plans for further studies that were established at the 2015 USGS workshop on quantitative hazard assessments of earthquake-triggered landsliding and liquefaction in the Central American region.
The A–Z of bacterial translation inhibitors
  • Daniel N. Wilson
  • Biology, Chemistry
    Critical reviews in biochemistry and molecular biology
  • 2009
This review endeavors to provide a comprehensive “post-ribosome structure” A–Z of the huge diversity of antibiotics that target the bacterial translation apparatus, with an emphasis on correlating the vast wealth of biochemical data with more recently available ribosome structures, in order to understand function.