[Vesico-uterine fistulas. Analysis of 19 cases].


Over a 15 year period (1977-1992), the authors have collected 19 cases of vesico-uterine fistulas. These vesico-uterine fistulas rank in third place of genito-urinary fistulas and occur in young patients (mean age is 30 years). Obstetrical etiology is recognised in .95% of cases (cesarean section and dystocic delivery). Leak of urine is present in 95% of… (More)


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@article{Moussaoui1994VesicouterineFA, title={[Vesico-uterine fistulas. Analysis of 19 cases].}, author={Anouar El Moussaoui and Rachid Aboutaieb and S. D. Bennani and Mohamed Elmrini and F. Meziane and Salma Benjelloun}, journal={Journal d'urologie}, year={1994}, volume={100 3}, pages={143-6} }