[Vegetation change in Shenzhen City based on NDVI change classification].

  title={[Vegetation change in Shenzhen City based on NDVI change classification].},
  author={Yi-Jing Li and Hui Zeng and Jian-Bing Wel},
  journal={Ying yong sheng tai xue bao = The journal of applied ecology},
  volume={19 5},
Based on the TM images of 1988 and 2003 as well as the land-use change survey data in 2004, the vegetation change in Shenzhen City was assessed by a NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index) change classification method, and the impacts from natural and social constraining factors were analyzed. The results showed that as a whole, the rapid urbanization in 1988-2003 had less impact on the vegetation cover in the City, but in its plain areas with low altitude, the vegetation cover degraded… CONTINUE READING

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