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[Various properties of cardiac troponin C tryptic peptides].

  title={[Various properties of cardiac troponin C tryptic peptides].},
  author={A. Verin and L. Baratova and N. Gusev},
  volume={53 7},
Using chromatography and preparative polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, tryptic peptides TP 1 (residues 47-83), TP 2 (residues 84-118) and TP 3 (residues 119-161) were isolated in a highly homogeneous state from cardiac troponin C. Peptides TP 1, TP 2 and TP 3 were found to contain isolated cation-binding sites II, III and IV of cardiac troponin C. The interaction of these peptides with troponins I and T was studied. It was found that only peptide TP 2 could interact with troponin I. Neither… Expand