[Value of mfVEP test in pituitary tumors diagnosis].


PURPOSE To evaluate the mfVEP test in detection of the optic nerve neuropathy in pituitary tumors. MATERIAL AND METHODS We examined 30 eyes of 15 patients with confirmed by MRI pituitary tumors (7 patients with macroadenomas and 8 patients with microadenomas). In all patients the routine ophthalmologic examination, multifocal visual evoked potentials… (More)


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@article{Piekarska2008ValueOM, title={[Value of mfVEP test in pituitary tumors diagnosis].}, author={Anna M Piekarska and Wojciech Lubiński and Wojciech Gosławski and Wiesława Wieliczko and Anhelli Syrenicz and Tomasz Olszowski and Danuta Karczewicz}, journal={Klinika oczna}, year={2008}, volume={110 7-9}, pages={247-51} }