[Utilization of emergency ambulances in Yokohoma City, Japan].

  title={[Utilization of emergency ambulances in Yokohoma City, Japan].},
  author={Kenji Ohshige and Shunsaku Mizushima and Junko Watanabe and Michita Mukasa and Takahisa Kawano and Tomiko Sekiguchi and Kouji Awashima and Osamu Tochikubo},
  journal={[Nihon koshu eisei zasshi] Japanese journal of public health},
  volume={48 1},
OBJECTIVE In recent years, the annual number of emergency ambulance (EA) calls has increased in Yokohama city, Japan. A questionnaire study was carried out to describe behavioral features of the users in Yokohama city, and to investigate their relationship with the increase in EA utilization. METHODS We randomly recruited 2,910 citizens, aged 15 years or older, for the questionnaire study and a total of 2,294 (78.8%) replied. The questionnaire included questions about their demographic… CONTINUE READING

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