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[Use of radioisotopes in the evaluation of coronary disease].

  title={[Use of radioisotopes in the evaluation of coronary disease].},
  author={F. Addarii and A. Abbati and N Budriesi and Paolo Zagni and Alberto Zamboni and Giuseppe Guidarelli and Elyce Turba},
  journal={Minerva medica},
  volume={73 1-2},
A study on myocardial perfusion through scintigraphy with 201-Tl has been carried on in a group of 57 persons: among them 45 had myocardial infarction and 12 had myocardial ischemia in act. In consideration of this experience, the myocardial scintigraphy with 201-Tl seems to be a valid investigation method to support the electro-vectocardiography when evaluating, bloodlessly, ischemical cardiopathies. In general, the correlation between electro-vectorcardiographic and scintigraphic data has…