[Use of clopheline in premedication in cesarean section].

  title={[Use of clopheline in premedication in cesarean section].},
  author={E B Nisimov and Iu I Isaev-Isa-zade and I R Mukhamedzhanova and E N Tiuneeva and Iu V Fokina and V V Khachapuridze},
  journal={Anesteziologiia i reanimatologiia},
Changes in central hemodynamics have been determined and blood loss, the volume of infusion-transfusion therapy, analgesic expenditure, hourly diuresis, the state of the newborn (scored according to Apgar scale) have been studied in 38 women during cesarean section. 26 of them were given additionally 0.15 mg of clopheline in tablets one hour before surgery… CONTINUE READING