[Use of an immunomodulator (levamisole) in HbsAg positive patients].


The results of some clinical trials performed with levamisole on 12 HBsAg-positive subjects, including 5 patients with aggressive chronic hepatitis, (ACH) 2 patients with persistent chronic hepatitis (PCH) and 5 healthy carriers are reported. Levamisole was administered in 2.5 mg/Kg/day doses for three consecutive days. During treatment prothrombin activity… (More)


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@article{Milazzo1978UseOA, title={[Use of an immunomodulator (levamisole) in HbsAg positive patients].}, author={Ferdinando Maria Milazzo and Elisa M Ghezzi and Maurizio Resta and M A Brugo and David Vitali and Gabriele Vigevani and Gianfranco Tassi}, journal={Bollettino dell'Istituto sieroterapico milanese}, year={1978}, volume={57 4}, pages={477-84} }