[Urticaria paradoxically aggraved by H1 antihistamines].

  title={[Urticaria paradoxically aggraved by H1 antihistamines].},
  author={Amandine Catelain and Nathalie Freymond and E Queuille and J F Nicolas},
  journal={Annales de dermatologie et de venereologie},
  volume={131 5},
BACKGROUND H1 antihistamines (anti-H1) are the treatment of choice in chronic urticaria. We report five cases of urticaria, induced or aggravated by H1 antihistamines. METHODS The immunoallergological investigations included prick-tests and intradermal tests with the antihistamine responsible for acute urticaria. RESULTS The skin tests confirmed the non-IgE dependent nature of the urticarial eruptions and anti-leukotrienes (montelukast, Singulair) were effective in controlling chronic… CONTINUE READING