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[Urea determination in biological fluids with diethylglyoxime].

  title={[Urea determination in biological fluids with diethylglyoxime].},
  author={V G Gutoranov},
  journal={Vutreshni bolesti},
  volume={16 1},
A method of urea determination in biological fluids is presented--dimethylglyoxim variant of carbamide-diacetyl reaction of Fearon. The simple procedure, the good reproducibility (s--0.66--0.96; V--2, 68--3,71%) and accurary (L=0.079, p greater than 0.05), the high detectability of the substance added (98.3%--100.6%) and the correlation with the method of Ceriotti-Spandric (r=o, 0,9572--0,9901; t=0,0393, p greater than 0,10) are good characteristics, allowing to be recommended to the clinical…