• Medicine
  • Published in Harefuah 2005

[Unilateral diaphragmatic paralysis in a diabetes patient].

  title={[Unilateral diaphragmatic paralysis in a diabetes patient].},
  author={Shamit Kadosh and G Qupti and Edith Flatau},
  volume={144 12},
          834-5, 911
Bilateral or unilateral diaphragmatic paralysis may be caused by motor neuron or muscle disease. Diabetic neuropathy, which is a common complication in diabetic patients, has a wide range of clinical manifestations. This is a case history of a 52 year old diabetic woman hospitalized with new paralysis of the right diaphragm. A thorough evaluation revealed no reason for diaphragmatic paralysis, other than diabetic neuropathy. A six month follow-up revealed significant clinical improvement. This… CONTINUE READING