[Ultrastructural differences between leukoplakia with and without dysplasia].

  title={[Ultrastructural differences between leukoplakia with and without dysplasia].},
  author={M Alvarez Lorenzo and Andr{\'e}s Blanco Carri{\'o}n and J R Ant{\'u}nez L{\'o}pez and Pilar G{\'a}ndara Vila and Abel Garc{\'i}a Garc{\'i}a and Jos{\'e} Manuel G{\'a}ndara Rey},
  journal={Bulletin du Groupement international pour la recherche scientifique en stomatologie & odontologie},
  volume={43 2},
Leukoplakias with similar clinical appearances have presented with very different histopathological characteristics. In this study we investigate in depth the cellular ultrastructure of the tissues which determines the clinical behaviour of these lesions. 

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