[Ultrasound-assisted puncture method of treatment of hepatic hydatid cysts].

  title={[Ultrasound-assisted puncture method of treatment of hepatic hydatid cysts].},
  author={Andrey Vladimir Gavrilin and G I Kuntsevich and V. A. Vishnevskii and R. Z. Ikramov and Tatyana Valentinovna Zhurenkova and E A Burtseva and T B Savvina and Vladimir A. Agafonov},
Results of treatment of 31 hepatic hydatid cysts in 28 patients were analyzed. The size of the s ranged from 3 to 25 cm. In 26 cases the cysts contained flive es, in 2 cases they were suppurated after US-assisted intraoperative puncture. Simple hydatid cysts (type I by M. Milcevic) were diagnosed in 24 patients (solitary--in 22, multiple--in 2), solitary cysts of type II--in 2 patients. In 23 cases aspiration-catheter treatment with complete removal of chitin membrane by one-stage (4) or two… CONTINUE READING