[Ultra-low dose chest CT: The end of chest radiograph?].

  title={[Ultra-low dose chest CT: The end of chest radiograph?].},
  author={Claire Ludes and Marysa Schaal and Aissam Labani and M Y Jeung and Catherine Roy and Micka{\"e}l Ohana},
  journal={Presse medicale},
  volume={45 3},
Ultra-low dose chest CT (ULD-CT) is acquired at a radiation dose lowered to that of a PA and lateral chest X-ray. Its image quality is degraded, yet remains diagnostic in many clinical indications. Technological improvements, with iterative reconstruction at the foreground, allowed a strong increase in the image quality obtained with this examination, which is achievable on most recent (<5 years) scanner. Established clinical indications of ULD-CT are increasing, and its non-inferiority… CONTINUE READING