[Typhoid fever epidemic in Ahmetli village, Diyarbakir-Ergani].

  title={[Typhoid fever epidemic in Ahmetli village, Diyarbakir-Ergani].},
  author={Ali Ceylan and Hamit Acemoğlu and Salih Hoşoğlu and Kadri G{\"u}l and Ersen Ilçin and Mustafa Efe},
  journal={Mikrobiyoloji bulteni},
  volume={37 1},
Salmonella typhi leads to typhoid fever outbreaks due to the contamination of drinking water. In this study, a typhoid fever outbreak due to drinking water contamination in Ahmetli village, Ergani-Diyarbakir, in the period of December 25, 2001-January 4, 2002 was evaluated. A total of 181 suspicious cases were admitted to different health care centers during the outbreak and 71 (39.2%) of them were hospitalized. Gruber-Widal test could be performed for only 8 hospitalized patients, and were… CONTINUE READING