[Tuberculous meningoencephalitis--own observations].

  title={[Tuberculous meningoencephalitis--own observations].},
  author={Aleksander Garlicki and Urszula Kluba-Wojewoda and Monika Bociąga-Jasik and Anna Kalinowska-Nowak and Iwona Sobczyk-Krupiarz and Tomasz H Mach},
  journal={Folia medica Cracoviensia},
  volume={44 1-2},
Nine cases of the tuberculous meningoencephalitis in adult men and women treated in years 1993-2000 have been presented. The diagnosis was established on the basis of clinical picture and examination of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). Routine analysis of CSF was done, as well as the microscopic examination, biological assay, and culture on the Lowenstein… CONTINUE READING