[Tubal mucociliary transport: evaluation with saccharin solution].

  title={[Tubal mucociliary transport: evaluation with saccharin solution].},
  author={F Gim{\'e}nez Va{\'i}llo and Jaime Marco Algarra and Miguel Armengot and Esteban Fernandez},
  journal={Acta otorrinolaringologica espanola},
  volume={41 5},
We have studied the tubaric mucociliar transport time using a saccharin solution in: 1. A control group with normal eustachian tubes being the transport time smaller than 20 minutes. 2. A group of 30 ears with chronic middle ear disease with a central perforation; 23% of them had a transport time within normal range, in 46% the transport time was prolonged and in 30% transport was absent.