[Trends of nursing science inquiry in doctoral dissertations].

  title={[Trends of nursing science inquiry in doctoral dissertations].},
  author={E K Kim and Gwang-Suk Kim and Dae-Ran Kim and Eun-Jeong Kim and Kyung-Mi Sung and Hae-Kung Shin and Hyun-Sook Shin and Young-Ja Lee and Seok-hee Jeong},
  journal={Taehan Kanho Hakhoe chi},
  volume={34 2},
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to identify the theoretical characteristics and direction of inquiry in the discipline of nursing by analyzing doctoral dissertations. METHOD The materials used in this study were 277 doctoral dissertations from five universities in Korea. The framework for the study was derived from Kim's(1993) alternative linkage among philosophy, theory, and method in nursing science. RESULT Of the 277 dissertations it was found that there were 13 types of linkages… CONTINUE READING

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