[Treatment of diabetic keto-acidosis through continuous insulin infusion].

  title={[Treatment of diabetic keto-acidosis through continuous insulin infusion].},
  author={Jacques Mirouze and Christophe Mion and Louis Monnier and Jean Jacques B{\'e}raud and J. L. Selam},
  journal={La Nouvelle presse medicale},
  volume={5 37},
Presented are results obtained with a continuous intravenous infusion of regular insulin in 13 cases of diabetic ketoacidosis. A bolus of 10 units of insulin followed by an average of 15 units delivered via an infusion pomp induce an immediate and regular decrease of blood glucose levels (1.63 +/- 0.15 g/h). A large quantity of glucose (25 g per hour) shortens duration of ketosis (7.0 +/- 1.2 h). 

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