[Treatment of bone disorders in renal diseases].


AIM To study possible correction of bone disorders (osteopenia, Ca/P-imbalance, bone pain, limited volume of indolent movements) which are still a serious complication associated with renal diseases and pathogenic therapy (steroids). MATERIALS AND METHODS The bone disorders were treated in 10 uremic hemodialyzed patients (8 men, 2 women; group 1) with… (More)


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@article{Kukhtevich1999TreatmentOB, title={[Treatment of bone disorders in renal diseases].}, author={A V Kukhtevich and Tatiana Krasnova and Angel Nikolaev and S. S. Rodionova and L Iu Milovanova}, journal={Terapevticheskii arkhiv}, year={1999}, volume={71 8}, pages={59-62} }