[Transvaginal ultrasound of the endometrium in postmenopause].

  title={[Transvaginal ultrasound of the endometrium in postmenopause].},
  author={Birgit Seelbach-Goebel and Andreas Rempen and Peter Kristen},
  journal={Geburtshilfe und Frauenheilkunde},
  volume={55 2},
We checked on the validation of vaginal ultrasound parameters to detect endometrial neoplasma by apposing the histological and sonographical data of 232 patients with postmenopausal bleeding. An endometrial height of more than 4 mm proved a good preliminary fact to screen for pathological findings (sensitivity: 94.9% for endometrial cancer and 84% for benign and malignant neoplastic lesions). The low specificity (53%) of this threshold value can be increased by including morphological… CONTINUE READING