[Transplacental passage of epirubicin].

  title={[Transplacental passage of epirubicin].},
  author={B. Gerbert Gaillard and Jean Joel Leng and Jean Grellet and Dominique Ducint and Marie Claude Saux},
  journal={Journal de gynecologie, obstetrique et biologie de la reproduction},
  volume={24 1},
We studied the transplacental transfer of epirubicin, an anthracycline used for the treatment of different neoplastic disorders, in particular breast cancers, by in vitro perfusion of term human placenta. Placenta from women with uncomplicated pregnancy were collected immediately after vaginal delivery and put into 37 degrees C thermostated hood. Perfusion of foetal surface of the placenta by modified Earle's solution was started immediately after catheterisation at a flow rate of 6 ml/min and… CONTINUE READING


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