[Transmyringeal myringoplasty--8 years' experience].


The authors present their eight-year experience with transmyringeal fixation of the transplant during myringoplasty. They compare two groups of operations. In the groups of classical myringoplasties (134) anatomical cure was achieved in 75.4%, while in the group of 132 myringoplasties with transmyringeal fixation in as many as 91.7%. The authors emphasize… (More)


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@article{Klacansky1989TransmyringealMY, title={[Transmyringeal myringoplasty--8 years' experience].}, author={Juraj Klacansky and B Kuniak}, journal={Ceskoslovenska otolaryngologie}, year={1989}, volume={38 4}, pages={220-2} }