[Trace elements and endemic goiter].

  title={[Trace elements and endemic goiter].},
  author={Iu V Tereshchenko and T P Goldyreva and V I Bronnikov},
  journal={Klinicheskaia meditsina},
  volume={82 1},
The effects of xenobiotics on morphological structure and function of the thyroid gland (TG) were analysed. Salts of heavy metals (zink, lead, copper, cadmium, surma etc.) were measured in TG of 152 citizens of Kama region who had died of trauma in the 1960s (n = 73), 1990s (n = 20) and 2000s (n = 52). TG is shown to accumulate xenobiotics. As the examinees had no occupational contact with heavy metal salts (HMS), their deposits in TG is explained by anthropogenic pollution of the environment… CONTINUE READING