[Torsion of the testicle and testicular adnexa in children].

  title={[Torsion of the testicle and testicular adnexa in children].},
  author={Z Tański and E Pogodski and T Gacki and Zdzisław Jarzabek},
  journal={Wiadomosci lekarskie},
  volume={47 21-24},
Between 1987-May 1994 the treatment results of 73 boys with the symptoms of "acute scrotum" were presented. 67 boys were operated. During the operations in 14 cases the torsion of testicle were observed, in 2 cases necrotically changed testicles were removed. Among 53 boys torsion of the appendices of the testis were observed, the appendices were removed. 6… CONTINUE READING