[Tobacco, hashish--knowledge and habits in schools].

  title={[Tobacco, hashish--knowledge and habits in schools].},
  author={Benthe Nygaard and Ari Barfod and F. H. Hansen and Thomas Jessen and H Kryger and Lee Meyer},
  journal={Ugeskrift for laeger},
  volume={152 47},
A questionnaire investigation was carried out among pupils in the seventh and ninth grades of schools in the County of Roskilde in 1988-1989 to eluciate their knowledge and habits where tobacco and hash were concerned. A total of 4,044 pupils replied to the questionnaire. The investigation was anonymous. 5.7% of the pupils in the seventh grade and 9.7% of the pupils in the ninth grade stated that they smoked daily. At parties, 15.6% of the 13-year-olds and 35% of the 15 year-olds smoke. 0.5% of… CONTINUE READING