[Tibial plateau fracture--biodegradable bonecement-augmentation].


Between October 1996 and January 1999,29 patients (f:16,m:13,age: 22-86) with fractures of the lateral tibial plateau were operated on arthroscopic,fluoroscopic control or were treated with open reduction and internal fixation. 15 of them were retrospective and 14 prospective analysed. The metaphyseal defect after elevation of the depressed fragment was… (More)


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@article{Engel2003TibialPF, title={[Tibial plateau fracture--biodegradable bonecement-augmentation].}, author={Tobias Engel and Hannah Lill and Judith Korner and Peter Verheyden and Christof Josten}, journal={Der Unfallchirurg}, year={2003}, volume={106 2}, pages={97-101} }