[Thermal therapy of prostate cancer using magnetic nanoparticles].

  title={[Thermal therapy of prostate cancer using magnetic nanoparticles].},
  author={Manfred Johannsen and Uwe Gneveckow and Kasra Taymoorian and Chie Hee Cho and Burghard Thiesen and Regina Scholz and Norbert Waldoefner and Stefan A. Loening and Peter Wust and Andreas Jordan},
  journal={Actas urologicas espanolas},
  volume={31 6},
A novel method of interstitial heating using magnetic nanoparticles and a direct injection technique has been evaluated in human cancers in recent clinical trials. In prostate cancer, this approach was investigated in two separate phase-I-studies, employing magnetic nanoparticle thermotherapy alone and in combination with permanent seed brachytherapy. The feasibility and good tolerability was shown in both trials, using the first prototype of a magnetic field applicator. As with any other… CONTINUE READING