[Therapy and prophylaxis of facial neuralgias and other forms of facial pain syndromes -- revised recommendations of the German Society of Migraine and Headache].

  title={[Therapy and prophylaxis of facial neuralgias and other forms of facial pain syndromes -- revised recommendations of the German Society of Migraine and Headache].},
  author={Walter Paulus and Stefan Evers and Arne May and Ulrich Steude and Anne Wolowski and Volker Pfaffenrath},
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Trigeminal neuralgia and postherpetic neuralgia are the most relevant neuralgiform facial pain syndromes. Trigeminal neuralgia is characterized by lancinating intensive pain attacks of very short duration, triggered by external cues,whereas postherpetic neuralgia consists predominantly of long-lasting burning pain. Sodium channel blocking drugs are first choice in treatment of trigeminal neuralgia, operative procedures encompass microvascular decompression,thermocoagulation and percutaneous… 
[Patient careers. Facial pain and neuralgias].
Atypical facial pain, now called 'persistent idiopathic facial pain' should only be diagnosed after thorough exclusion of all known primary and symptomatic facial pain syndromes.
Examination on the effectiveness of a glycerol injection at the trigeminal nerve as a basis for the treatment of headshaking in the horse
It was concluded that the glycerol injection is practicable in horses and can be considered as a basis for a minimally invasive therapy at the trigeminal ganglion.
Verbesserung der Diagnostik und Therapie der Glossopharyngeusneuralgie
High-resolution MRI of the brain stem with three-dimensional visualization allows a secure diagnosis of neurovascular compression and is useful in the planning of appropriate microsurgical decompression (Jannetta’s operation).
[Visual cortex in the Tolosa-Hunt syndrome. Functional imaging for the detection of a psychogenic disorder--a case report].
Besides painful ophthalmoplegia, patients suffering from Tolosa-Hunt syndrome often present increasing loss of visual perception. The impairment of the optic nerve leads to a delay of the VEP (visual
Estudio comparativo entre la termocoagulación retrogasseriana y la microcompresión con balón catéter en la neuralgia trigeminal
The main purpose was to relief facial pain in patients with trigeminal neuralgia by reviewing the results of both techniques and different aspects such as clinicotopographic classification of the branches involved, evolution, short-term and long-term surgical results, as well as complications and benefits of the two surgical procedures.
Schmerzen im Kopf- und Gesichtsbereich
Mit dem Ziel, die Diagnose von Kopfschmerzen zu standardisieren, veroffentlichte die International Headache Society im Jahr 1988 eine neue Kopfschmerzklassifikation. Fur 165 Kopfschmerzformen wurden
Demyelinating diseases Neutralizing antibodies to beta-IFN: implications forMSmanagement Review:Neutralizingantibodies to interferonbeta: implications for the management of multiple sclerosis (pp 241–246)
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • 2004
It is concluded that persistent neutralizing antibodies abolish the interferon beta bioavailability in MS patients treated with IFN beta 1b.
Zönästhesien als eine seltene Differenzialdiagnose zum anhaltenden idiopathischen Gesichtsschmerz
A female patient developed persistent facial pain 2 years after manifestation of a depressive disorder, and add-on therapy of the atypical antipsychotic ziprasidone was administered, leading to clear improvements in mood and pain symptoms after 4 weeks of treatment.
Chronische Myoarthropathien des Kausystems
Certain (patho)physiological mechanisms may be associated with the genesis and perpetuation of these musculoskeletal facial pains and the financial burden of affected individuals may be considerable.
Andauernder idiopathischer Gesichtsschmerz (AIGS) und Mundschleimhautbrennen
Acute pain achieves a warning and protecting function against real or potential tissue damaging and is the result of passive conduction of afferent noxious stimuli but the outcome of the cerebral capability to integrate interacting psychological and physiological processes.


Percutaneous methods for the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia and other faciocephalic pain; comparison with microvascular decompression.
  • W. Sweet
  • Medicine
    Seminars in neurology
  • 1988
The treatment of trigeminal neuralgia by the minor percutaneous invasive procedures of selective thermal rhizotomy, glycerol injection, and balloon compression in the middle cranial fossa are
Postherpetic neuralgia--pathogenesis, treatment, and prevention.
This article summarizes current knowledge of the pathogenesis of postherpetic neuralgia and developments in its treatment and prevention and describes several approaches to treat the pain of acute zoster.
The Cluster-Tic Syndrome and Its Surgical Therapy
Four patients with CTS unresponsive to medication underwent surgery and the CH changed from what had been chronic cluster to infrequent episodic cluster periods; additionally in two patients, the duration of cluster was shorter and the pain was of lesser severity.
Pre‐trigeminal neuralgia
Eighteen patients who subsequently developed typical trigeminal neuralgia experienced a prodromal pain termed "pre-trigeminal Neuralgia", which made it possible to relieve the pain with appropriate medications and avoid unnecessary irreversible dental procedures.
Surgical treatment of non-responsive cervicogenic headache.
  • J. Jansen
  • Medicine
    Clinical and experimental rheumatology
  • 2000
Various surgical treatments are suggested to treat long-lasting severe CEH in patients not responsive to any physical or drug therapy and about 80% of surgically treated patients were relieved of pain or improved during a long period of follow up.
Treatment options in postherpetic neuralgia
Current treatments for postherpetic neuralgia ‐ tricyclic antidepressants, anticonvulsants, local anesthetics, clonidine, N‐methyl‐D‐aspartate (NMDA)‐antagonists, and opioids ‐ are reviewed and mechanism‐based pharmacologic interventions are focused on.
Headache and the Cervical Spine: A Critical Review
Headache related to the cervical spine is often misdiagnosed and treated inadequately because of confusing and varying terminology. Primary headaches such as tension-type headache and migraine are
Efficacy of baclofen in trigeminal neuralgia and some other painful conditions. A clinical trial.
Results substantiate that baclofen is useful in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia and other painful conditions.