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[Therapeutic data on chloroquine diphosphate in rheumatoid arthritis].

  title={[Therapeutic data on chloroquine diphosphate in rheumatoid arthritis].},
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About the legacy of Victor Santamarina: the first Cuban rheumatologist
  • A. Checa
  • Medicine
  • Rheumatology International
  • 2009
The purpose of this report is to recognize and pay tribute to the labor and legacy of Dr. Victor Santamarina, the Wrst Cuban rheumatologist, the founder of The Cuban Society of Rheumatology, and the leader that represented Cuba within PANLAR. Expand
Reduced inotropic heart response in selenium-deficient mice relates with inducible nitric oxide synthase.
Increased expression and activity of NOS and increased nitrite/nitrate levels from Se(-) mice correlated with an impaired response to beta-adrenoceptor inotropic cardiac stimulation, which may account for some of the pathophysiological effects of Se deficiency on the heart. Expand
Electron Spectroscopy for Atoms, Molecules, and Condensed Matter
The basic theoretical considerations involved in developing instruments for electron spectroscopy for atoms and solids are discussed. To be competitive with x-ray emission or absorption spectroscopyExpand