[The use of the ox's vein for myringotomy of the ear].

  title={[The use of the ox's vein for myringotomy of the ear].},
  author={Andrzej Makowski and Andrzej Zielinski},
  journal={Otolaryngologia polska = The Polish otolaryngology},
  volume={52 3},
The study presents a modification of the method developed by Zini et al. to prepare an ox's vein for a myringoplasty. The graft of the vein was pickled in a trypsin solution, fixed in formaldehyde and stored in a 70% ethanol solution. It was established that the incubation period of the vein in the trypsin solution required to produce the best histological specimens for this purpose was 5 hours. The preparation of the ox vein for a graft with the use of trypsin is relatively simple and… CONTINUE READING