[The treatment of stable esophageal cicatricial strictures].


The roentgenological, endoscopic and combined methods of examination of patients allowed to make a program of treatment of patients by the method of bougienage. Different techniques of bougienage were used: "blind", by the direct thread, under the endoscopic control, endoscopic dissection supplemented by bougienage. A stable clinical effect was obtained in… (More)


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@article{Miroshnikov1994TheTO, title={[The treatment of stable esophageal cicatricial strictures].}, author={B I Miroshnikov and Maria Korolev and V I El'sinovskiĭ and L E Fedotov}, journal={Vestnik khirurgii imeni I. I. Grekova}, year={1994}, volume={152 3-4}, pages={10-4} }