[The role of echography in osteolytic tubercular abscesses].

  title={[The role of echography in osteolytic tubercular abscesses].},
  author={Nicola Gandolfo and O. Serrato and C Sandrone and Giovanni Serafini},
  journal={La Radiologia medica},
  volume={85 5},
Tubercular abscesses are relatively common complications of tubercular spondylodiscitis. Fifty-one patients with suspected abscesses were selected from a group of 97 patients with tubercular spondylodiscitis and submitted to US. In 10 cases CT was performed before US and detected 7 abscesses, all of them confirmed by US. In the extant 41 cases, CT followed US; in 13 cases only US poorly visualized ilio-psoas muscles. As for the group of 23 patients who underwent both CT and US, if the former… CONTINUE READING