[The relationship between rhinitis and asthma: is that all?].

  title={[The relationship between rhinitis and asthma: is that all?].},
  author={Mar{\'i}a Fernanda Agresta and R J Saranz and Natalia A Lozano and Alejandro Lozano},
  journal={Revista de la Facultad de Ciencias Medicas},
  volume={71 2},
The link between upper and lower airways has been observed in the past, but only carefully investigated during the last years. Allergic rhinitis and asthma are often comorbid conditions. Its relationship is supported by epidemiological, anatomical and physiological, immunopathological, clinical and therapeutic studies, mostly related to allergic rhinitis. Rhinitis and asthma occur together at rates that greatly exceed what would be expected from the baseline prevalence of each disorder alone… CONTINUE READING


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