[The protective action of ubiquinone at ischemia and reperfusion].

  title={[The protective action of ubiquinone at ischemia and reperfusion].},
  author={Vladimir L. Lakomkin and Olga V Korkina and Valerie G. Tsyplenkova and Alexander A Timoshin and Enno K Ruuge and Valery I Kapel'ko},
  volume={42 12},
Effects of prolonged consumption of ubiquinone on myocardial injury caused by ischemia and reperfusion were studied in reperfused rat hearts. Wistar rats received lipophylic or hydrophilic forms of ubiquinone for 6-8 weeks with chow or water, respectively. Isolated isovolumic hearts with a constant volume latex balloon in the left ventricular cavity were subjected to total normothermic ischemia (25 min) and subsequent reperfusion (50 min). Time course of ischemic contracture and its level in… CONTINUE READING