[The prevention and therapy of fascioloidiasis using bithionol sulfoxide].

  title={[The prevention and therapy of fascioloidiasis using bithionol sulfoxide].},
  author={E Chroustov{\'a} and Jiri Hulka and J Jaros},
  journal={Veterinarni medicina},
  volume={25 9},
The elimination of the sources of invasion, i. e. hay and forage coming from the infested biotopes, combined with the administration of bithionol sulphoxide, resulted in a reduction of the invasion of cattle by Fascioloides magna from 21.1 to 3.2% within two years. The Czechoslovak-produced bithionol sulphoxide, administered at a rate of 40 to 50 mg per kg body weight as medicated feed, showed 100% effectiveness. At doses higher than 30 mg per kg body weight, the protective period should be… CONTINUE READING

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