[The novel views on the patomechanism of ischemic stroke].

  title={[The novel views on the patomechanism of ischemic stroke].},
  author={Joanna Bielewicz and Jacek Kurzepa and Monika Łagowska-Lenard and Halina Bartosik-Psujek},
  journal={Wiadomosci lekarskie},
  volume={63 3},
Stroke is the third cause of death and the first cause of handicap. Current knowledge about stroke allows to apply the effective methods of treatment or prophylaxis. Eighteen five percent of all strokes are ischemic (IS), 15% are haemmorrhagic (HS). Unequal oxygen supply and the changes occurring in the macro and microcirculation results in the division of ischemic focus into the two areas; central core with an irreversible destruction of brain cells and penumbra, "semi-shadow area" around the… CONTINUE READING