[The new patient rights act : the significance for surgeons].

  title={[The new patient rights act : the significance for surgeons].},
  author={J. Dillschneider and Daniela Theuer and Markus Mieth and Markus W. B{\"u}chler},
  journal={Der Chirurg; Zeitschrift fur alle Gebiete der operativen Medizen},
  volume={83 7},
The committee draft for the new patient rights act was approved by the Federal Cabinet on 23 May 2012. Both the demands of the patient representative of the Federal government and some of the demands from the cornerstone paper of the State commission were taken into consideration.The draft of the new act contains comprehensive amendments to the Civil Code with the subtitle"Treatment contract in accordance with §630" and encompasses §§630a-h. The valid legal situation is therefore to all intents… CONTINUE READING

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