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[The mechanisms of the thermal protective action of atsefen].

  title={[The mechanisms of the thermal protective action of atsefen].},
  author={B. A. Badyshtov and A. S. Losev and S I Sytnik and V A Pastushenkov and A. L. Makhnycheva and N V Kolotilinskaia and Sergey A. Mironov and Sergei B Seredenin},
  journal={Eksperimental'naia i klinicheskaia farmakologiia},
  volume={58 5},
The study of thermoprotective properties of acephen (300 mg, single dosage) showed an increase (compared to that of placebo) in the maximum endurable time under thermal loading in healthy volunteers: optimization of evaporative heat exchange regime; reduction of the final values of reactive anxiety and fatigue and decrease in the rate of skin temperature growth. In combination with the data of biochemical analysis of peripheral blood which demonstrated positive changes in hormone, lipid…