[The first chilean female doctors: Eloísa Díaz Insunza and Ernestina Pérez Barahona].

  title={[The first chilean female doctors: Elo{\'i}sa D{\'i}az Insunza and Ernestina P{\'e}rez Barahona].},
  author={Carlos G Osorio Abarz{\'u}a},
  journal={Revista medica de Chile},
  volume={147 3},
Dr. Eloísa Díaz Insunza (1866-1950) was the first woman to become a doctor-surgeon in Chile and Latin America in 1887. Less known is her distinguished colleague, Dr. Ernestina Pérez Barahona (1865-1951), the second woman graduated in Chile as a physician, only seven days after Dr. Diaz. Dr. Diaz entered the School of Medicine of the University of Chile in 1881 and Dr. Pérez in 1883. However, both graduated from Bachelor of Medicine and Pharmacy in 1885 and received their degree in 1887. This… Expand
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