[The effects of moisturizing gel to prevent dry mouth in patients with cerebrovascular disease].

  title={[The effects of moisturizing gel to prevent dry mouth in patients with cerebrovascular disease].},
  author={Eiichi Sudo and Ichiro Maejima},
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  • E. Sudo, I. Maejima
  • Published 1 March 2008
  • Medicine
  • Nihon Ronen Igakkai zasshi. Japanese journal of geriatrics
AIM The effectiveness of oral care in preventing pneumonia among the elderly has recently been elucidated. This study was designed to evaluate the efficacy of moisturizing gel (Oral Balance (T&K Co., Ltd., Tokyo)) at a special nursing home for the aged as an oral care product for preventing dry mouth. METHODS The subjects were 9 patients (aged 83.8+/-2.4 years; 3 men and 6 women) with cerebrovascular disease accompanied by frequent onset of loss of appetite, cough, sputum, halitosis, and… 
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[The effects of moisturizing gel on the prevention of bronchial infectious disease in patients with cerebrovascular disease].
  • E. Sudo, I. Maejima
  • Medicine
    Nihon Ronen Igakkai zasshi. Japanese journal of geriatrics
  • 2011
It’s time to dust off the sledgehammers and start cleaning up the house.
Pharyngeal Deposits Comprising Salivary Mucin in Tube-fed Elderly Patients: MUC2 and MUC7 Immunoreactivity
It is clarified that the mucoid component of both oral and pharyngeal deposits comprised MUC7 salivary mucin, which revealed that both deposits originated from the oral cavity, which strongly suggests that oral care is intimately related to oral and thistlegeal conditions.


Efficacy of a synthetic polymer saliva substitute in reducing oral complaints of patients suffering from irradiation-induced xerostomia.
Use of Oral Balance is of potential benefit in patients suffering from severe xerostomia, and Statistically significant reduction of the dryness-related complaints was observed only in the patientssuffering from severexerOSTomia.
Saliva substitute in xerostomic patients with primary Sjögren's syndrome: a single-blind trial.
Oral Balance is a useful tool in the management of dryness-related oral symptoms in primary SS, but there is room for enhancing the overall properties of topical preparations designed to reduce oral complaints in xerostomic patients.
Daily oral care and cough reflex sensitivity in elderly nursing home patients.
Intensive oral care may reduce the incidence of pneumonia by improving cough reflex sensitivity in elderly nursing home patients by significantly higher sensitivity than baseline at 30 days.
A double-blind crossover trial of Oral Balance gel and Biotene toothpaste versus placebo in patients with xerostomia following radiation therapy.
The palliative effects of Oral Balance gel and Biotene toothpaste were superior to the effects of a placebo and no effect on oral colonization by Candida species and cariogenic oral microflora was seen with use of the topical agents.
Effect of professional oral health care on the elderly living in nursing homes.
This study showed that POHC administered by dental hygienists to a group of elderly patients needing daily nursing care was associated with a reduction in prevalence of fever and fatal pneumonia.
Clinical applications of antimicrobial host proteins lactoperoxidase, lysozyme and lactoferrin in xerostomia: efficacy and safety.
In this review, the clinical efficacy and safety of this kind of preventive approach against various oral diseases and symptoms is critically evaluated.
Antimicrobial Agents in Saliva—Protection for the Whole Body
The author describes his involvement in the discovery of antimicrobial agents in the human mouth and the role they play in the development of antibiotics.
脳血管障害後遺症を対象に水飲み試験および videofluorography (VF) を併用した嚥下障害スクリーニングの検討
我々は当院において主に脳血管障害後遺症の症例を中心とした摂食・嚥下リハビリテーション (以下嚥下リハと略す) の導入を試みている. 今回嚥下リハ実施における嚥下機能スクリーニング評価法として水飲み試験の有用性を実証するため, 水飲み試験と videofluorography (以下VFと略す) を施行し, 摂食状況を含めた追跡調査を行い検討を加えた. 対象は脳血管障害後遺症の15例