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[The effect of citrate or heparin coagulation on the dog's heart work in autotransfusion].

  title={[The effect of citrate or heparin coagulation on the dog's heart work in autotransfusion].},
  author={B. Homann and P. Klaue and K. Trenkel and T. Hockerts},
  journal={Chirurgisches Forum fur experimentelle und klinische Forschung},
During massive autotransfusion in the dog, the different anticoagulation processes have an important influence on heart work and performance. This is especially marked with citrate, depending on the amount and the transfusion rate. In spite of normovolemia both parameters show a transient decrease up to 40% - 50% with ACD and up to 60% - 70% with CPD. These different reactions may be due to the corresponding composition of each stabilizer. The effect is abolished by simultaneous use of citrate… Expand
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Perioperative autotransfusion and its correlation to hemostasis and coagulopathies.
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