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[The effect of benzbromarone on hyperlipidemia in gout].

  title={[The effect of benzbromarone on hyperlipidemia in gout].},
  author={Lyubomir Marinchev and K. Kunev},
  journal={Vutreshni bolesti},
  volume={29 5},
It is well known that triglycerides and cholesterol are often increased in gout. In 50% of the patients with hyperuricemia and in 40% of the patients with gout hyperlipidemia is found. K. Kŭnev has found in his former studies that the treatment with the drug Desuric leads to a decrease of cholesterol and other lipids in the blood. The follow up of 38 men with proved gout, mean age 45 years and mean duration of the disease 5 years, established an increase mainly of endogenous triglycerides and… 
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