[The effect of bemithyl on the onthogenesis of rats].

  title={[The effect of bemithyl on the onthogenesis of rats].},
  author={Alexander A. Spasov and L. I. Bugaeva and T. D. Denisova and Lilia Smirnova},
  journal={Eksperimental'naia i klinicheskaia farmakologiia},
  volume={68 2},
Female rats were treated with bemithyl (20 and 100 mg/kg) via a gastric tube during a 16-day period of lactation. It was found that the drug is transferred with breast milk to the organism of newborns, which leads to nonuniformities in their development. Among the early effects of bemithyl, most pronounced is the stimulating action upon maturation (muscle strength) and the development of sensor-locomotor reflexes; in the spectrum of long-term effects, the drug influence upon pubescence… CONTINUE READING